Weider WD-511 Band Sealer with VACUUM and GAS FLUSH system

Bag Sealers

Vacuum and Gas Flush Band Sealer WD-511
Superb quality all stainless steel or painted steel band sealing system
Vertical or Horizontal sealing head configuration
Stainless steel or Painted construction sealing head
Stainless steel or Painted construction framework & conveyor
Integral speed control of both Sealing Head & Conveyor Belt
Motorised sealing head height adjustment
Separate cooling circuit prior to switch off
Excellent seal quality
Vacuum Probe removes air immediately before Gas Injection
Gas Flush Probe system injects gas immediately prior to bag being sealed
Gas flush injection controlled by timer & sensor so no undue wastage of gas

Vacuum-sealed bags extend shelf life, protect against corrosion and reduce bag volume to allow for compact packaging. Gas flushing systems enable modified atmosphere packaging that increases protection, freshness and corrosion resistance for moisture sensitive products.

Allows up to 20 different programmes
Movable gas nozzle allows the reduction of gas consumption
Powerful vacuum pump allows to remove up to 99% oxygen from sealed bags
Vacuuming and gas flushing can be performed interchangeably or independently
Can be used for fresh/dried food, medical devices, coffee, snacks, cosmetics, or electronics
Please note this is not suitable for products containing liquid
Optional Spares & Tool Box package
See video clip below:

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