Filling Systems

Powder Auger Filling Systems – We specialise in the supply of new, used, re-  specified and refurbished powder & granule fillers for a multitude of industries & applications.

These include semi-automatic through to high speed machines manufactured by PPM, Webb Automation, All-Fill, Augapac, Alite, Arenco, Transmatic Fyllan, AT Sackfillers, Autopack, Optima, Rospen and are adapted to suit the customer’s application and fully tested at Factory Acceptance Test stage.

Linear Weighers – We always have a stock of new & refurbished linear weighers including: KT, Autopack, Easyweigh, Euroweigh, Posiweigh etc and can supply semi and fully automatic systems.

Liquid Fillers – We have a small stock of liquid fillers including King, KBW, Masterfill, Universal

For the food, beverage, bakery, chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Powder & Packaging Machines - Filling Systems